SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-Citrus / 1 oz 125mg
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-Lavender / 1 oz 125mg
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-Citrus / 100ml 500mg
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-Lavender / 100ml 500mg
SPIRO CBD Topical Cream-

SPIRO CBD Topical Cream

Do you love soaking up the sun, but hate how it can leave your skin feeling sore and tender? Or do you have a nagging ache from a past injury that never seems to go away? SPIRO has your back! Using the highest quality ingredients and CBD extract, this CBD after sun formula provides potent relief when applied directly to painful areas of the body.

Using the power of hemp-derived CBD to provide anti-inflammatory relief, SPIRO CBD Topical Cream can reduce both the pain and redness caused by sunburns while also proven effective for muscle and joint pain that may occur after a day outdoors or a tough gym session. 

SPIRO CBD After Sun Care Cream is an easy-to-apply topical cream that uses top-quality ingredients. That makes this CBD after-sun formulation safe and effective for re-application as needed. It provides relief on contact without the greasy feeling of other topical pain relievers.

SPIRO is dedicated to providing all-natural pain alternatives, which is why they use only the highest quality ingredients in their formulations. Their business has always been dedicated to creating innovative solutions and making a difference in the lives of their customers. With SPIRO on your side, feel confident knowing you have access to innovative pain management solutions backed by the power of CBD. Available in lightly scented citrus or lavender.

Available in lightly scented Citrus