Antibacterial Hand Gel and Sprays

Our doctor-formulated antibacterial products fight germs, so your immune system doesn’t have to. All our antibacterial gels and sprays meet the CDC recommendations for alcohol content, making them strong enough to stop the spread of microbial invaders and kill 99.9 percent of germs on hands and surfaces. They’re custom formulated to be gentle on your skin, so you can use them as much as you need to.

Antibacterial hand gel is a must-have and conveniently slips into bags, backpacks and even pockets. Always keep it on hand for those times when you’re out and about and washing hands just isn’t an option. 

Antibacterial hand spray works on your skin and nonporous surfaces to ensure you and the areas around you are germ-free. Perfect for the car, office or gym, you don’t need to worry about the things you can’t see when you keep a bottle of this around.


We also have a Fitness CBD Protein Collection, thinking about your health!