HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder-1 lb (750mg) / Chocolate
HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder-1 lb (750mg) / Banana
HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder-15g (25mg) / Chocolate
HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder-15g (25mg) / Banana

HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder

Train harder, recover quicker. Say goodbye to sore joints and hello to better recovery with the amazing whey protein powder you need to succeed in all your training goals!

With HX3 CBD Whey Protein Powder, training can be fun again! This product gives you energy for your workouts, support for recovery of post-workout muscle fatigue and inflammation — and it tastes great. Containing clean whey-based protein rich in essential anabolic nutrients, it has what you need to build lean muscle fibers that are stronger than ever before. You also get extra benefits from broad-spectrum cannabinoids, which encourage faster recovery time and reduced inflammation caused by strenuous physical activity!

HX3 products are designed to help your body perform at the highest level by delivering superior flavor with CBD potency and consistency you can count on. Find out what other fitness enthusiasts already know and put this CBD whey protein powder to work for you!

  • Broad Spectrum and THC Free
  • 25mg of CBD Per Serving
  • #1 CBD Protein Powder for Pre and Post Workouts
  • Blends Easily with Favorite Liquid
  • Rich, Velvety Shakes