Green Claw Face Mask-

Green Claw Face Mask

No one has time to be sick. With all of the craziness in life, who would want to deal with something that annoying? 

The Green Claw face mask is made out of durable, antibacterial elastic polyester with adjustable straps, so you always have the perfect fit. It’s also a reusable mouth mask, so you’re not creating extra waste in the landfills.

Whether you’re riding on a crowded subway, biking in traffic-congested cities, working out in a packed gym, or just about anywhere else these gruesome germs might lurk, this washable face mask has your back. 

Don’t let fear — no matter how microscopic — intimidate you any longer. Get one today!

The face mask’s antibacterial properties are achieved through specially treated fabric that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.