SPIRO Topical CBD Cream

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Why is SPIRO Cream better?

Recognizing some critical issues with many of the Topical CBD Products currently on the market, a Pharmacist and a Chemist came together to create SPIRO Cream. Climate-controlled packaging is very costly, but has always been considered to be the most effective way of delivering Topical CBD in order to prevent material separation. SPIRO has identified a proprietary binding agent, which prevents separation as well as the need for pricey packaging. Another consistent issue found in the Topical CBD Market, is the lack of transdermal absorption in cream-based CBD products. Many CBD Creams and Topicals evaporate before even being absorbed into the skin and carried to affected areas. After much trial and error, the SPIRO team was able to pinpoint an ideal carrier agent which allows immediate transdermal absorption, leading to a much more effective topical CBD product. Combine all of this with the silky feel and the light and fresh aroma of SPIRO Cream, and you’ve got one special product!


“All this time taking medications to relieve arthritis pain in my left hand and it is now with the use of this CBD based cream that I have felt great relief, in addition to not irritating my stomach with pills. I recommend it 100%.” - Elda