Lucid : Daydream Broad Spectrum CBD 30ml 500mg Vape
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Lucid : Daydream Broad Spectrum CBD 30ml 500mg Vape

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When you need deep, restful sleep, you want something that will work fast and not leave you feeling groggy in the morning. CBD users are raving about the fast-acting benefits of vaporizing vs tinctures/edibles. By using a proprietary extraction method from the most highly sought-after hemp plants of the fertile domestic river valleys, we are prepared to be your trusted source for quality CBD. This superior Broad Spectrum Oil is available in varying strengths to suit any preference.

Daydream Strawberry: Taste the sweet, delicious flavor of wild strawberries plus the comforting effects of CBD. Lucid Daydream Strawberry Broad Spectrum CBD keeps you going all day with a truly irresistible taste. Enjoy premium, domestically grown CBD oil.