Daily Grind Chai Latte CBD Tincture 30ML 500MG
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Daily Grind Chai Latte CBD Tincture 30ML 500MG

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For anyone who believes a bad day with coffee is better than a good day without, the Daily Grind has been brewing up some dazzling flavors for your broad-spectrum CBD needs. No more of the harsh, bitter taste in your daily CBD. Enjoy the pleasure of fresh roasted coffee flavor, perfectly sweetened, and always responsibly made using quality USP ingredients. This CBD tincture is derived from organic hemp plants grown in the rich soil of the river valleys between fertile Colorado mountain peaks. Every formula is crafted with great care, third-party tested for potency, and accuracy to confirm these products are 100% pure for your peace of mind.

Chai Latte: Sweet and savory chai spice mixed with a subtle light roasted coffee flavor that is both satisfying and comforting. Every blend is designed to delight the taste buds and deliver the CBD experience desired in a tincture.