American-Made CBD


By producing all of these CBD products stateside, it's become standard to source

the best ingredients. Other CBD suppliers sometimes rely on foreign

manufacturers to produce products in countries where quality standards are not

nearly as strict as they are in the United States. These suppliers sometimes end

up selling their products to customers while having no idea about the quality of

the CBD they sell.


The products on our website are held to a higher standard.

By handling production domestically, product ingredients can be sourced from

premium, domestically grown hemp. This process includes only the purest

ingredients, which have been tested by an independent lab.

And by featuring products manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, complete

with labs and clean rooms, you can feel secure that:


  • These CBD products are made in a sterile environment by trained chemists.
  • They were stored properly and stored at the correct temperatures.
  • They were bottled and labeled accurately so that you know exactly what you're getting any time you purchase any of these CBD products.

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