Using CBD and Terpenes For Enhanced Libido

If you are looking to ignite a little fire in your sex life, have you considered trying CBD and Terpenes? This potential natural aphrodisiac combination is quickly becoming a hot topic in the CBD products marketplace! So, do CBD and Terpenes really work for arousal: if so, how and why do they work? Here are some takeaways to consider for using CBD and Terpenes for enhanced libido.

Understanding the Difference Between Arousal and Libido

The potential benefits of CBD and Terpenes for improving your sexual experience are associated with both arousal and libido. They are not the same thing. Libido refers to your sexual appetite or desire, your interest in sex. Arousal refers to your body’s (physiological) response to sexual stimulation.

There are many factors that can negatively affect both libido and arousal response and most people have occasional fluctuations of both throughout their lifetime. However, excluding chronic disorders, humans, throughout time and across cultures, have used natural plants and herbs to enhance the sexual experience.

Possible Ways CBD Helps With Libido and Arousal

CBD is known for delivering a variety of benefits and support for health and well being. Many of these benefits might positively impact an enhanced sexual experience.

  • CBD’s calming effect helps reduce stress and anxiety, both physically and mentally. This is a very important factor for both libido and arousal. When you are tense and stressed your sexual desire (libido), as well as, your sensitivity to arousal, are diminished. Relaxation brings the circulation of energy in your body into balance and opens your receptivity and sensitivity to natural sexual impulses.
  • CBD also has properties that interact with your natural biological systems and functions through your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The Endocannabinoid System networks across all body systems that include regulation of anxiety response, pain response, mood, memory, and more. CBD benefits and supports these systems that play a role in your physical sexual response. Relaxed, happy, healthy is a perfect formula for enhanced sexual desire and arousal!

Using CBD and Terpenes for Enhanced Libido

Aphrodisiac Terpenes?

Terpenes are those aromatic molecules found in hemp and almost all plants, flowers and herbs. They have been used, for centuries, as the basis for essential oils. In the hemp plant, terpenes are the source of the unique aroma and flavors of each strain. It is the unique combination of terpenes that contribute to the strains smell, taste and effects.

Terpenes and cannabinoids, like CBD, work together, in synergy to deliver both the benefits and effects of the plant strain. This is called ‘the entourage effect’.

Although there is not an absolute verdict on the best terpenes for sex, the anecdotal reports, by users, almost unanimously claim limonene and linalool as the most effective.

  • Limonene produces a light, air like quality of euphoria and relaxation along with an elevated mood! This feeling of stress free euphoria and elevated mood creates an internal atmosphere that helps promote feelings of desire. It also heightens the receptiveness and sensitivity of arousal when sexually stimulated.
  • Linalool also produces similar effects to limonene with respect to increased relaxation along with antidepressant qualities that uplift your mood. Linalool tends to have stronger sedative qualities than limonene and therefore, should be used more sparingly. After all, you don’t want to fall asleep and miss out on all of the fun!

It should also be noted that a high concentration of the terpene Myrcene, which is concentrated in indica strains, has a very strong sedative effect, which tends to inhibit both libido and arousal!

Combining CBD and the terpenes limonene with a dash of linalool might just be your next favorite natural aphrodisiac! Why not give it a try?

Let us know what your CBD and Terpenes for enhanced libido experiences are in the comment section below! Share the love!

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