Is CBD OK for Dogs? What You Need to Know About CBD for Dogs

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CBD for dogs is a topic that’s been getting more attention in recent years. With the increased interest in whether or not hemp-derived CBD can help with various health conditions, many people wonder if this magical plant could benefit their furry friends. So let’s take a look at all of the ways that CBD for dogs may positively impact your four-legged friend. 

Let’s start by exploring how CBD works within your dog’s body.

Why CBD Works for Dogs

Dogs, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This means that CBD, a cannabinoid extracted from industrial hemp plants, works within the ECS to support and maintain homeostasis. 

The ECS is made up of endocannabinoids produced by the body. It can interact with other cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and others that we ingest from plants, such as hemp. This particular system interacts with things like inflammation, anxiety, appetite, pain-sensation, nausea and much more when it comes to dogs. 

CBD has notably become increasingly popular for aging dogs who suffer from arthritis. A recent study found that dogs placed on daily CBD experienced lower levels of pain and increased activity levels compared to before. 

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In the past, veterinarians have often approached the ECS as a foreign system that is not significant. However, thanks to further research into this network of cannabinoids and receptors, the ECS is responsible for maintaining good health in dogs and other mammals.

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Human CBD vs. CBD for Dogs

There are a few considerations when looking at CBD tinctures meant for humans versus those marketed toward dogs. 

The first is that when it comes to quality, nothing should change. If you wouldn’t take it yourself, don’t give it to your dog. Second, you can verify quality and be sure you’re buying top-notch CBD products by looking for third-party lab testing and certificates of analysis. 

Second, keep in mind that the dosage for dogs is much different than the amount you would need with humans. You’ll often find that the milligram (MG) strength of CBD is quite different between human and canine products, but this isn’t always the case. Dogs need much less CBD than we do to see benefits due to their smaller body mass. 

Last, you’ll want to consider flavors. Often, CBD products for dogs are flavored in ways that will appeal to them. This includes using a carrier oil that will appeal to them, such as salmon oil, or adding other flavorings like bacon. In contrast, CBD oil for us human folk can come in a wide variety of flavors. You’ll find everything from watermelon to mint chocolate chip, none of which are really suitable for your canine companion.

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CBD Dosage for Dogs

When it comes to dosing CBD products for dogs, which is very different from humans, you’ll want to consider your dog’s weight. There are dog-specific products on the market right now with dosage recommendations listed directly on them. When searching for a product, ensure that it has these specifications to avoid overdoing it or giving too little to see any benefits. 

Suppose you cannot find CBD products with dosage recommendations. In that case, you can always go with the tried-and-true method of doing small test doses or working alongside a vet who can recommend the best dosage for your specific dog.

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CBD Products for Dogs

After some exploring, you’ll find that CBD products for dogs are not limited to oil drops and sprays. There is a wide variety of treats, biscuits and even chew toys that contain hemp-derived CBD to help your furry friend feel their best. 

In addition, pet owners can find topical creams made with high-quality, organic ingredients at any number of stores. The key is to ensure that any products you’re considering buying contain high-quality, laboratory-tested hemp-derived CBD and no ingredients that are potentially harmful to dogs, even though they may be OK for humans.

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